Subjects or courses module: 1-on-1 or group

The subject module is divided into two types: individual and group.

We remind you that in order to create new subjects, there must be at least one department or category already created.

  1. Individual subjects
  2. Group subjects

Individual Subjects

The module of individual subjects manages the subjects that are integrated by a tutor and a single student.

  1.  "Active" subjects: These subjects are publicly visible by all users.
    • To modify its status it is only necessary to edit the subject and select the desired status.
  1.  "Inactive" subjects: These subjects are disabled, that is, are not visible by users.
  2.  Add: Button to register a new subject.
  3.  Search: Search engine that allows searches by name to filter subjects.
  4. Edit: Modify or update the information of an existing subject.
  5.  Delete: Permanently delete the selected subject.

Group Subjects

The group subjects module manages the subjects that are composed of a tutor and two or more students.

It is managed in the same way as the module of individual subjects. Additionally, you need to define the maximum number of students per session.

The next step is to learn how to manage the places module.

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