Students module

The module that manages students registered on the platform. Students are those users who can only request tutoring.

All users who register on the platform are students by default.

The module consists of the following elements: 

  1. "Active" Students: Those students who have access to the platform.
    • To modify its status it is only necessary to edit the student and select the desired status. 
  2. "Inactive" Students: Those students with restricted access to the platform, that is, their account is disabled. 
  3. Add: Button to register a new student.

The information to add a new student is as follows: 

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Institutional email
  • Telephone (optional)
  • Password
  • Gender
  • Major 
  • Date of birth 
  • Student status
  • Verified email: When students register for the first time on the platform, they are sent a confirmation email to verify that they belong to their institution.
    • When they select the "YES" option, the user will register with their confirmed email, otherwise ("NO" option), the administrator will have to confirm it manually.
    • Remember that users without confirming email (option "NO"), will not have access to the platform until they confirm the email. 
  1. Search: Search students by name to filter them. 
  2. Last activity: The most recent date on which the student entered the platform.
  3. Registration date: Date on which the student registered on the platform. 
  4. Edit: Modify or update the information of an existing student. 
  5. Delete: Permanently delete the student. This action cannot be undone.

The next step is to learn how to assign tutor permissions to students.

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