How does tolerance time to schedule works in subjects?

Within the module of subjects, when adding new subjects you will see a field called Tolerance to schedule, as seen below. 

The subjects have different tolerance rules that can restrict or provide flexibility to students at the time of scheduling the tutoring lesson. 

This can be configured so that they have to be necessarily scheduled with a minimum anticipation time or else, provide the flexibility so that the lesson can be scheduled after the start time.

We remind you that you can only apply one type of tolerance in each subject.

Tolerance Types

1. Anticipation (before the start time): Subjects with this type of tolerance can only be scheduled with the minimum anticipation time desired. It is recommended to use this rule when the student's request for tutoring is required in advance before the lesson's start time. 

  • Example: If the student wishes to schedule a lesson today at 5:00 P.M. and the subject has a tolerance to schedule of "10 minutes before its start time", the student would have as a limit to schedule the lesson up until 4:49 P.M.

2. Posterior (after the start time): This type of tolerance allows you to schedule a lesson even after the start time has already passed. This rule is normally used in subjects where it is not required in advance to have the student's request or in the so-called "express tutoring". 

  • Example: If the student wishes to schedule a lesson today at 10:00 A.M. and the subject has a tolerance to schedule of "10 minutes after its start time", the student would be able to schedule it until 10:09 A.M.


There are restrictions on the parameters that can be defined in the tolerance to schedule the subjects.  

1. Anticipation (before the start time) 

  • Minimum anticipation: 10 minutes. 
  • Maximum anticipation: 3 days (72 hours). 

2. Posterior (after start time) 

  • Minimum subsequent time: 0 minutes. 
  • Maximum subsequent time: Less than the duration defined in the subject.

Other considerations

How does the app block hours that are no longer possible to schedule? 

At the time of loading the availability of the tutors when scheduling a lesson, the start times that do not comply with the tolerance rule set in the said matter are omitted. In other words, the student will only be shown the hours at which he can schedule a lesson from that particular moment forward.  

Can I alter the tolerance rule for existing subjects at any time? 

You can update at any time the tolerance rule to schedule the subjects. Once the changes are saved, it will be reflected in real-time to all users. 

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