Getting started as Administrator

Everything you need to know to start managing the Linc platform in your Educational Institution.

This guide is exclusively for platform administrators. If you are looking for the student or tutor guide, click the corresponding links.
  1. Get to know Linc
  2. User guide

1. Get to know Linc

What is it?

Linc offers an instant connection between students and tutors. We are an e-learning multiplatform where students can request tutoring, mentoring or advising with consultants from their same educational institution.

Linc's administrators within an Educational Institution have the faculty of controlling and managing all the features offered by the platform. From managing students and advisors to consulting the reports and statistical analysis of the academic demand in real-time.

Is your Educational Institution not yet affiliated with Linc? Start a free trial with all the features offered by the platform by clicking here.

How does it work?

Through Linc, Educational Institutions can offer tutoring, mentoring, and classes for their students so that they can schedule them quickly, safely and free of charge through their own network of faculty.

Linc is available through:

  • Web application: Accessible from any modern web browser. 
  • Mobile application: Available for iOS and Android.

Types of tutoring

  • Individual tutoring (1 to 1): A tutor with only one student.
  • Group tutoring: A tutor with two or more students. 

Modalities of tutoring

  • In-person tutoring: Tutoring lessons taking place in-person and on-campus. 
  • Online tutoring: Tutoring provided online through the virtual classroom created by Linc.
As an Administrator of the platform, you are able to enable or disable the different types and modalities of tutoring according to the needs of your Educational Institution.

2. User guide

Below you will find the user guide for the control panel. Browse each section for more information. 

1. Introduction to the control panel

Learn the basic elements of the control panel to access and navigate the platform. 

2. Module management

The control panel is divided into different modules (sections of the main menu) that allow better management of all the components of the platform.

3. Tutoring module 

The module where you can monitor the demand for tutoring from your educational institution.

4. Statistical analysis

The module where you can consult the statistical analysis reports for better decision-making.

5. Promotion and spreading

The Module that offers graphic and pre-designed material ready to be used in order to facilitate the promotion and spreading of Linc in your Educational Institution.

6. Settings

The module where you can manage the configuration and customization of the platform according to the needs of your Educational Institution.

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